Already for almost twenty years, I am also painting.

I learned it from my first teacher Janna Spil in Larochemillay
in the South of the Morvan in France.
Unfortunately, Janna Spil died in 2017,
but you can find her work at

Since 2015, I follow also painting courses from Pauline Bakker
in the well known artists' village Bergen.
You can find her work at
and work from her students at

In recent years, I participated in several exhibitions

                                       2016                Kunsttiendaagse Bergen
                                       2017                Duna Atelier Katwijk
                                       2018                Het Wapen van Bergen, Bergen
                                       2018                Kunstlijn Haarlem
                                       2019                Kantorengebouw De Plek, Leiden
                                       2019                Office Centre Hoofddorp
                                       2019                Atelier Bergen, kunsttiendaagse Bergen
                                       2019                Kunstlijn Haarlem
                                       2019                European Medicines Agency Amsterdam

My work is certainly inspired by Edward Hopper.

As you can see in my painting (2012) of a deserted AVIA gas station at the D44,
a road near St. Didier s/Arroux in Burgundy, France.

At the moment, I am working on a series of gas stations.





On the picture below, you see two paintings from my partner Herra van Doornmalen also made at Janna Spil's atelier in October 2012.

In the summer of 2013, I started to do some excercises on portraits and the results were two portraits from the Dutch Glossy Magazine 'Hollands Diep'.

The first portrait is called 'Heimelijke genoegens/Secret pleasures' showing Sanne Wallis de Vries as Queen Beatrix.

The second portrait is from the annual parade on Queen's day at the Palace Soestdijk in 1960, with Queen Juliana, Prince Bernard and two of their daughters Christina/Marijke and Beatrix.

In October, 2013 I made two paintings from the new Palace of Justice in Amsterdam.
One from the city side of Amsterdam and the other one from the new Filmmuseum EYE.

Below you wil find a selection of more recent paintings

This painting, called 'Ode aan de Acht bergen van Paolo Cognetti, was made in 2018 for an exhibition in Bergen.

With the skyline from Hoofddorp, I have won a second prize in 2016
from the painting magazine 'Atelier'.